Country Farms was created with a single purpose: to take the earth’s goodness and bring it into your pet’s bowl. We believe that simple, natural and wholesome ingredients are the best way to raise a healthy and happy pet. That’s why we’ve carefully sourced high-quality, naturally nourishing ingredients from farms we know, and leave out the rest: no corn, no wheat, no soy, no artificial colourings, flavours or preservatives. Country Farms™ is the perfect choice for pet owners interested in exploring naturally nourishing dog food.

Our recipes are lovingly prepared in the rich heartlands of Veneto, northern Italy. We can tell you the full story of every pack of our dog food: from where the ingredients were pulled, which farms, from the earth and all the way to your dog’s bowl. 

For example, our chicken and beef are mainly sourced from the venetian region of Italy and most of our salmon from Norway , all from animals passed fit for human consumption.

We choose only high quality ingredients from farms we know and continuously monitor themto make sure they work in compliance with our sourcing guidelines. It is therefore an essential part of ensuring a sustainable future for our business, and for the farmers and producers on whom we depend.